Sky and freesat FTA Services

British Sky Broadcasting is a digital service requiring a satellite dish, which offers subscribers a wide variety of channels and pay-per-view events making it extremely desirable for the home, bars and as a welcome extra in hotels.

Sky+ was launched in 2002 and integrates a Personal Video Recorder with the set top box allowing viewers to record, pause and rewind their television.  It allows subscribers to record programmes while they watch a different channel, or while they are out of the house. It is even possible to choose programmes for your system to record from Sky’s website, having them ready for viewing when you get home.

Sky television has a wide range of specialist channels, from music to travel, and from sports to American drama and most are now available in High Definition. As a Sky subscriber you will also have access to films, programmes and events exclusive to Sky.

Aerial Ace are here to ensure you get the most out of Sky.

Ordering Sky is normally a pretty straightforward process and as Independent Sky Installers, operating in the Lancashire area, we know all about setting up and configuring Sky. Whether you’re moving home and wanting to take your dish with you, or you need someone to help you set everything up, 1st Teletec are certified, dedicated and willing to do the hard work for you.Whether you’re looking for someone to guide you on the best package or for a company to come in and set up your home theatre, our Satellite and Aerial Installation in the Lancashire Area are fully versed in configuring all aspects of Sky, Sky+, Sky+ HD and also Sky Multi-room.

Sky Multi-room and Magic Eye Installed!

Concealed cabling and Sky in every room is one of our specialties and as more people want to access sky in their lounges, bedrooms and children’s rooms, we’ve found a dramatic increase in requests when it comes to setting everything up. With a Magic Eye, you get to change channels from anywhere in your home with just minimal cabling involved. Our team of expert satellite installers operating in the Lancashire area can get you up and running in no time.

With Sky Multi-room, you get to say goodbye to arguments about who is watching what. With this additional subscription from Sky, you get to watch multiple channels at the same time. The only requirements are that you have one Sky box per room, plus additional cabling.

freesat, F5, F8, F9 and sky box installation

While we do not provide a sky gift type service we do however offer installation of suitable and compatable satellite dish using the very latest 1, 4 and 8 point LNBs. Using compatible zone one and zone two dishes, and with all our products and services everything we provide is guaranteed. We look forward to hearing from you to book an installation If you have any questions or would like to be given any information about this type of installation then please feel free to contact us via telephone or via our contact us panel to the left.

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Aerial Ace are here to ensure you get the most out of satellite TV.