Radio Aerial Installations

We are experts in Radio Aerial installations and we provide various aerial installation services throughout the Lancashire area. Specifically, our engineers are qualified and certified to install aerials for radio, television and satellite. Our aerial installers know exactly what’s needed to ensure that you get the best reception, all of the time.

Perfect Reception, All of the Time.

If you’ve been having trouble receiving radio and you need the advice of some experts, then the team at We are all skilled aerial installers which means we’re experienced, professional and above all, completely above board. Unlike many other local outfits which claim to be professional aerial installers, our team carry public liability insurance and also have proven their skill and knowledge as accredited digital aerial installers.

A Strong Signal – Essential for DAB Radio

Indeed, when it comes to DAB radio, if you want to receive the best possible signal, then you may very well need some expert help in knowing whether or not it’s even realistic. Working in the London and Kent area, our team of expert aerial installers can tell you whether or not you’re able to receive DAB.

With Digital Audio Broadcasting or DAB, coverage is known to not be as good as with AM / FM and as a result, depending on where you live, it may be essential to install a radio aerial to ensure that you get a good signal. If you’re an avid fan of the radio and want to listen using the latest technology, then DAB is for you.

With Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) already proving popular throughout the country, more and more people are looking for ways to enjoy this new medium. While it’s practically identical to FM radio, the boost in quality and the elimination of the ‘white noise’ is a welcome addition almost anywhere. There are more and more DAB radio stations appearing across the country and in some areas such as London, DAB really is the way to ensure you can have fully uninterrupted listening to your favourite shows.

Affordable DAB Aerial Installation from Aerial Ace

We can source and install almost any type of aerial or satellite dish. Our team is qualified to work at heights and we’re also great at ensuring that your aerials and satellite dishes are hidden from view. From small personal installations to installing aerials for entire office blocks, we have solutions available that can be used in almost any application.

If you’re looking for some information about radio aerials or even some impartial advice, then give us a call today.