LCD & Plasma Installation

With the Digital Switchover now complete in many areas and Sky+ HD now in full operation, many people see this as a fantastic opportunity to invest in some quality TV equipment. LCD / Plasma screens are now cheaper than ever before meaning that creating the home cinema of your dreams is now a reality. Whether that means you need a 52″ giant or a more typical 32″ LCD for everyday viewing, We have been keeping a close eye on the industry as it develops in order to assist our customers.

We Aerial Installation experts are skilled in almost all sorts of cabling. We’ve found that as Wi-Fi has got more popular, more and more people are taking advantage of the benefits that it brings. People are now setting up home entertainment systems which are fully integrated with online TV, Radio and the whole Internet. With one of these high-tech systems, you can take advantage of Wi-Fi and our help, you can enjoy media-on-demand anywhere in your home.

Your Experts in Bespoke Installations

We have successfully installed a variety of bespoke entertainment systems in homes, pubs, restaurants to name but a few. If you’re looking to have an easy to use entertainment system, we can design, configure and install a range of solutions. From LCD projectors with hidden cabling and VESA compliant mounts to installing 70″ Plasma TV’s in pubs and bars, we’ve got the skills and experience you need to make it work.

The Wired Home is a Reality

As we get more connected to the Internet, the possibilities are becoming endless for home cinema enthusiasts and those looking to enjoy a ‘wired’ home experience. Today it’s now possible for almost anyone to enjoy not just TV but almost any type of audio / visual entertainment.