FreeSat Installation Services

FreeSat is a not for profit company, comprised of the two major broadcasting companies in the UK, the BBC and ITV. It boasts over 140 television and Radio channels as well as exclusive High Definition channels. The signal is received via satellite rather than a standard aerial, making it ideal for rural areas or for households and businesses that already have a satellite dish.

Previous subscribers of Sky services will just require the set top box which costs around £50. You can choose between a Standard Definition Model (SD) and a High Definition Model (HD). There are also models available with Personal Video Recorder (PVR) technology.

If you decide that FreeSat is the best option for you, then contact Aerial Ace for installation.

Is Your Satellite Dish 10 Years or Older?

If you already have a satellite dish installed on your property, our team of experts recommend having it serviced to ensure it is in optimum working order to ensure you get the best quality signal from your equipment.

What If You Don’t Have a Satellite Dish?

Here at Aerial Ace we pride ourselves on our expert work. From your first contact with us, you will be assured as we guide you through the entire set up process and supply all the specialist hardware you will require to enjoy FreeSat.

Some Of The Areas We Cover