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If you have bought or are thinking about buying a Freesat kit, then look to We for your Freesat installation.

Freesat is an initiative that aims to ensure that the whole of the UK can receive digital TV. It’s an alliance between the two major broadcasting companies in the UK, the BBC and ITV. Together, they have launched a not for profit company that offers a over 140 channels of TV and Radio as well as HD content via satellite.

Freesat is FREE! (But Freesat Installation Isn’t!)

Freesat is essentially the satellite equivalent of Freeview and therefore requires the installation of Freesat satellite dish. Instead of using your aerial to receive the signal, you use a satellite to connect to this separate network of TV and Radio content. With exclusive HD content already available on Freesat, it’s a great alternative if you’re in a rural area, already have a satellite dish or simply want to be one of the early few who can watch HD television.

Compared to Freeview through your aerial, the great thing about Freesat is that there is also a great deal more channels. With Freeview, early set top boxes and transmitters don’t support the new HD format meaning to enjoy it, chances are you’re going to have to upgrade YET again. You don’t have this problem with Freesat.

If you’ve previously been a subscriber of Sky, Sky+ or even SkyHD, then you already have everything you need, apart from the set top box which costs around £50. Depending on your budget, you can choose a Standard Definition model (SD) or a High Definition model (HD). There are also a great many choices with integrated PVR (Personal Video Recorder) technology and even more.

Is Your Satellite Dish 10 Years or Older?

If you want Freesat installed for your home and you already have a satellite dish, then chances are it’s going to work just fine. However, if it’s over 10 years old we recommend getting it serviced and realigned to ensure that you get the best possible signal. Our team of Freesat Installation experts operate in the Lancashire area, and we can get your Freesat setup working in no time.

Do you need a Satellite Dish?

Providing all sorts of TV aerial installer services in Lancashire and Freesat installation services, we at 1st Teletec can guide you through the entire set-up process and supply all the hardware you need. As Freesat continues to get more and more popular due to the fact that it’s got great availability, reception and loads more channels, more and more people are asking us to help them get everything working.

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