CCTV & Alarms

we are now installing the latest in CCTV for homes with prices starting from £399 for systems utilising 1 to 4 cameras, and with connection to the internet you can view all your connected cameras via smart phones, smart TVs, laptops and tablets anywhere in the world with a internet connection, you can rewind your drive to see if there has been any issues or just view the family pet or children are safe and sound, protecting you and your family for the future adding peace of mind to your day

The Latest in Home CCTV Technology

With Wi-Fi and the Internet now practically anywhere, we can also help install and configure wireless CCTV Technology. These types of camera are a relatively new innovation as many of them are completely standalone and require nothing than a connection to the Internet. The great thing about these small cameras is that they’re perfect for the home as in the event that they detect an intruder, they activate and start recording. Many will even notify you by SMS so that you can check online using any browser to see just what’s going on. you can also watch your home security from anywhere you have got internet access and a smart phone. just log and view using your iphone or android fone or just another computer / tablet

For businesses however, we’re also adept at installing more complex digital CCTV systems. With our experience of networking and cabling, we can place a camera just about anywhere as our installation teams are all HSS certified and comfortable working at just about any height. Whether you need a camera on the ceiling or even four storey’s high, you’d be surprised at the spaces we can reach with either ladders or scissor lift.

Home and Office Alarms Installed in the area

We can also provide and install a variety of alarm systems and sensors for your home or office. We can also hook up CCTV to existing alarm systems and all solutions we design use hardware that’s been approved by the insurance industry. Don’t be fooled into the luxury of economy, as when it comes to installing an alarm system, it’s vitally important that you choose a company that has the skill and expertise to plan and design something that’s secure.

Using door sensors, motion detectors and even pressure pads, we will work with you closely to ensure that any system we install is standards compliant, underwritten by your insurance company and also affordable.

CCTV and Alarm System Installation – An Affordable Option for Anybody!

CCTV and Alarm systems are no longer something that only the wealthy and businesses need concern themselves with. With burglaries and home intrusions on the rise, installing an alarm system not only provides a sense of security for you and your family, but also a reduction in insurance premiums and a great visual deterrent against burglary. For more information about the range of services we can provide, contact us today.

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